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  (v) dishes suitable for vegetarians
Soups   الشوربات  
  Lentil soup (v) 4.50 شوربة العدس  
  Chicken soup 4.50 شوربة الدجاج  
Lebanese Cold Starters   مقبلات لبنانية باردة  
  Hummous (v) 5.00 حمص  
  Pureed chick peas with sesame paste and lemon juice.      
  Moutabel (v) 5.00 متبّل  
  Grilled aubergines with sesame paste and lemon juice.      
  Tabouleh (v) 5.50 تبولة  
  Parsley salad, tomatoes, onions, mint, crushed wheat, lemon juice & olive oil.      
  Warak Inab (v) 5.00 ورق عنب  
  Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, onions, herbs and spices.      
  Muhamarah (v) 6.00 محمّرة بالجوز  
  Crushed nuts mixed with hot spices.      
  Fattoush (v) 5.00 فتّوش  
  Mixed salad with herbs, toasted Lebanese bread, vinegar and a touch of garlic.      
  Moussakaat Batinjan (v) 5.50 مسقّعة باذنجان  
  Fried aubergines with chick peas, onions, tomatoes, garlic and spices.      
  Kabees (v) 4.50 كبيس مشكل  
  Selection of Lebanese pickles (cucumber, turnip, chile)      
  Foul Moukala (v) 5.00 فول مقلى بالزيت  
  Fried fresh broad beans with garlic, coriander and olive oil.      
  Labneh (v) 5.00 لبنة  
  Strained yoghurt with dry mint and olive oil      
  Shinkleesh (v) 5.00 شنكليش  
  Lebanese cheese salad.      
  Salatate Al Rahib (v) 5.50 سلطة الراهب  
  Smoked aubergines, green peppers, tomatoes, spring onions and garlic.      
  Feta Cheese Salad (v) 5.00 سلطة الجبنة- فيتّا  
  Cucumber & Yoghurt Salad (v) 4.50

سلطة البن بالخيار

  Batrakh 7.50 بطرخ  
  Fish roe served with sliced garlic and olive oil.      
  Makdous (v) 5.50 مكدوس  
  Pickled baby aubergines stuffed with walnuts, spices and garlic.      
  Basturma 7.00 بسطرما  
  Filet of cured beef in spices.      
  Kibbeh Nayeh 7.50 كبة نيّة  
  Raw prime cut of lamb blended with crushed wheat, spices and garnished with onions.      
  Habra Nayeh 7.50 هبرة نيّة  
  Fresh raw lamb blended with spices.      
  Kafta Nayeh 7.50 كفتة نيّة  
  Prime cut of raw lamb minced with onions, spices and parsley.      
  Fatayel Nayeh 7.50 فتايل نيّة  
  Raw lamb filet cut fine, served with spices.      
Lebanese Hot Starters   مقبلات ساخنة  
  Hummous Kawarmah 7.00 حمص قاورما  
  Hummous topped with fried diced lamb and pine nuts.      
  Hummous Shawarma 7.00 حمص شاورما باللحمة  
  Hummous topped with lamb shawarma.      
  Bamia Bil Zait (v) 5.00 بامية بالزيت  
  Okra fried in olive oil with garlic, tomatoes and coriander.      
  Moujaddara Bil Zait (v) 5.00 مجدرة بالزيت  
  Lentils, crushed wheat, onions and spices cooked in olive oil, topped with caramelised onions and almonds.      
  Batata Harra (v) 5.00 بطاطا حرة  
  Potatoes cooked with olive oil, garlic red peppers, spices and green chile.      
  Jawaneh Meshwiyeh 6.00 جوانح مشوية  
  Grilled chiken wings in garlic sauce.      
  Kibbeh Maklieh 6.00 كبة مقلية شامية  
  Crushed wheat, stuffed with minced lamb, onions, walnuts and pine nuts (deep fried)      
  Arayes 6.00 عرايس  
  Minced lamb with parsley, topped with sesame paste and pine nuts, baked on Lebanese bread.      
  Arayes AlWaha 6.00 عرايس الواحة  
  Minced lamb with onions, parsley, topped with sesame paste and pine nuts, baked on Lebanese bread      
  Lahem Bil Ajin 6.00 لحم بالعجين  
  Minced lamb, onions and tomatoes baked on Lebanese bread, topped with pine nuts      
  Manakeish Bizzaatar (v) 5.50 مناقيش بالزعتر  
  Baked Lebanese bread topped with thyme, olive oil and sesame seeds      
  Manakeish Bil Jibneh (v) 6.00 مناقيش بالجبنة  
  Baked Lebanese bread topped with halloumi cheese, thyme, sesame seeds, black onions seeds and mint      
  Kallaj Bil Jibneh (v) 5.50 كلاج بالجبنة  
  Halloumi cheese baked on Lebanese bread topped with dry mint      
  Fatayer (v) 5.00 فطاير بالسبانخ  
  Pastry stuffed with spinach, onions, pomegranate, pine nuts and walnuts.      
  Sambousek (v) 5.00 سمبوسك  
  Pastry stuffed with cheese, parsley or with minced lamb, onions and pine nuts.   باللحمة أو الجبنة  
  Foul Medames (v) 5.00 فول مدمس  
  Boiled broad beans served with lemon juice, olive oil and garlic.      
  Falafel (v) 5.00 فلافل  
  Mixture of ground chick peas, broad beans, garlic, onions and spices (deep fried).      
  Haliwat 8.00 حلويات  
  Grilled or fried sweetbreads served with herbs.   مقلية أو مشوية  
  Sawda Dajaj 6.50 سودة دجاج  
  Fried chicken liver in lemon juice and spices.      
  Firri Meshwi 8.50 فرّي  
  Quails grilled in lemon juice and served with garlic sauce.    مقلي أو مشوي  
  Soujuk Sadah 6.00 سجق  
  Armenian lamb sausages, hot spices, baked with tomato and slices of garlic.   مقلي أو مشوي  
  Makanek Ghanam 6.00 مقانق غنم  
  Fried small Lebanese lamb sausages and pine nuts.   مقلية أو مشوية  
Al Waha Fish   أسماك الواحة  
  Whole Sea Bass 17.00 سي باس مشوي  
  Samakeh Harrah 19.50 سمكة حرّة  
  Whole Sea Bass with hot spicy sauce.      
  King Prawns 18.00 قريدس  
  King prawns grilled or fried with garlic and lemon juice.

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  مقلي أو مشوي  



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